At the heart of the wide realm of art lies visual art. While the field of “art” encompasses more than what I can even list here–television, movies, music, sculpture, theater, performance, even martial arts–many think immediately of visual arts such as paintings or drawings when they think of the world of art.

Lebanon and it’s history and culture offer no shortage of visual art that can be viewed and appreciated by even those who aren’t overwhelmingly interested in art!

The Artists

One of Lebanese culture’s most appreciated artists of the past is Moustafa Farroukh. He is one of the most well-learned and culturally recognized artists in Lebanese history. During his time, he studied under numerous influential artists and exhibited his paintings in galleries and shows across the world. Farroukh actually studied teaching at one point, hoping to spread his knowledge of the fine arts to aspiring young students.

Another incredibly talented Lebanese artist is Cesar Gemayel, a pioneer of modern Lebanese art. Gemayel was known for his welcoming nature of life itself depicted through his paintings. As someone who was said to have had a genuine thirst for life, Gemayel often painted human figures, including women and bodies in his art.

Galleries and Displays

In addition to numerous small, local galleries across the country, the Beirut Art Center is a very frequently visited cultural center in Lebanon. Many works by contemporary artists can be found displayed in these galleries for all to appreciate–both visitors and tourists and Lebanese citizens.

In addition, the streets of the area are adorned with art installations including sculptures around the banking areas. For a complete list of galleries, navigate to the Galleries page on


Two primary Lebanese sculptors have risen to prominence in the art scene, Rudy Rahme and Karin Komati. Rahme, who also paints and writes poetry is known primarily for his wooden sculptures throughout Lebanon, typically faces carved into cedar tree trunks. Komati, who was born in the Netherlands, moved to Lebanon in the 1990s and has exhibited her work in numerous galleries since.