Walif Chbeir

History. Society. Leadership. Sports.

Walif Chbeir, MD has international experience in medicine, particularly in radiology. He practiced in the two hospitals of Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux (socials and health services center) de Gatineau in Gatineau, Canada for about a decade. Walif is also interested in the arts, the cultures of the world, history and society. He enjoys reading, listening to jazz and martial arts.

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Walif Chbeir has a spirit and enthusiasm only surpassed by the variety of passions he has. He loves jazz music, martial arts, sports, reading, and art. He loves works by everyone from George Orwell and Kurt Vonnegut, to classical French and Lebanese authors, all the way to modern literary works by contemporary authors.

Walif Chbeir earned a high school baccalaureate in mathematics in Lebanon before turning his attention to the medical field in the 1970s. He moved to France and pursued his studies at Marseille Faculty of Medicine. In 1982 he was admitted into a Radiology specialty. Walif graduated with a Doctor of Medicine in 1984, and one year later he earned his certificate for specialized studies in Radiology.

Walif spent over a decade in France, practicing radiology in numerous hospitals and then holding a ten-year position as Hospital Practitioner at Le Mans Hospital Centre. Eventually, Walif moved to Canada and in 2005 he earned a license to practice from the Collège des Médecins du Québec.

While in Québec, Walif worked within the Outaouais region, which contained 5 Centres de Santé et de Services Sociaux (socials and health services centers) total. Walif was part of a small and specialized team of radiologists who worked throughout the Outaouais area. He mainly worked in Gatineau. Walif split his work between the two main hospitals in the city of Gatineau: Hull Hospital and Gatineau Hospital. He communicated protocols, supervised, and accurately interpreted diagnostic scans, MRI, XRay, and Ultrasound, all while discussing results with specialized doctors.

Walif also worked beyond Gatineau at a peripheral hospital in Shawville about once a week. He worked remotely to assure reading exams (especially scanners) via the PACS (picture archiving and communication system) for the Outaouais region’s five hospitals as well, especially in on-call duty. Indeed, Walif was frequently on call for his work and he was well-known for his devotion to the field.

Walif's Photography

In his spare time, Walif Chbeir enjoys unwinding by taking scenic walks, exploring the Lebanese countryside, and reading literature. He has taken a particular interest in furthering his knowledge about philosophy, history, society and how the world and those who inhabit it operate. Walif also enjoys spending time with his family and touring the country of Lebanon. He loves the rich scenic views afforded to him by the beautiful country. Even the views from his home are breathtaking, from the ports and seas closest to his hillside home to the landmarks and sights to see a bit further away. To Walif, these sights represent not only the rich and storied history of Lebanon, but are reflective of the culture that exists there today.

When he can, Walif Chbeir enjoys photographing these sights and posting them online so that others too can enjoy those same views. An amateur photographer, Walif is continuously working to improve his photography skills, exploring Lebanon and capturing what he sees. If you’d like to see the world through his eyes, Walif hosts his photography on both his Flickr and 500px accounts. He encourages feedback on all of his work.