You’re probably reading this on a computer screen, sitting inside of your home, under a roof that you pay for that shields you from the harsh cold of winter, the oppressive heat of summer, the wind and rain and sleet and hail that would otherwise present quite a distraction if you were outside.

But as human beings who are stuck on this planet (for now, at least, until Mars exploration takes off), we need to learn to appreciate the beauty of nature by any means possible. The world has such an intrinsic, inarguable beauty to it in that can and should be appreciated by everyone.


Exploration, on a large and wide scale or narrowed down to a pinpoint focus allows you to see the breadth of what the Earth has to offer. If you have the opportunity to travel, please do it. Don’t let financial constraints stop you, you can drive across a country (or most of Europe!), you can purchase cheaper flights to cheaper countries and stay in hostels rather than 5-star hotels.

Exploration should be something you’re born with, something you allow to mature, and something you embrace.

Learning Culture and History

Culture and history–as I’ve written about in the past on–can teach you so much about the Earth not as it stands today, but as it stood yesterday. Allowing yourself to learn about the culture and history of the land you stand on is opening yourself to the beauty of the sights and sounds that you cannot experience first-hand, but instead must learn about. There are so many wonders and incredible experiences that nature and the Earth have offered us in the past that have come and go.


Walif Chbeir photoI love taking photos of what I see around me. Sometimes they’re photos of my home and my cats cuddling up on a windowsill. Other times it’s the beautiful landmarks around my home in Lebanon. You can find some of my photos both in this blog and on my Flickr account and my on

Walif Chbeir photography Lebanon

Photography from Walif Chbeir.

Photography is one of the most pure means of exploring and appreciating nature. While some people may chide you for using technology when you’re experiencing nature, ignore them. I firmly believe that if you’re to truly connect with nature you can put down the technology for a moment and soak it in–but if you want to remember it, there is no harm in snapping a photo or two along the way. Life is a journey, and you’ll want to remember as much of it as you can when you’re sitting in your room at age 95!

Living in It

What better a way to explore nature is there than to live it? Get in your car and drive for as long as you want, then pitch a tent and camp out. Go see the beautiful sights and don’t just stand before them for a moment, snap a photo and leave. Learn about it, appreciate it and connect with it. We all live on Earth, and we must learn to love where we live and live where we love.

Walif Chbeir